A Sign from Above or Coincidence?


So I’m sitting at my kitchen table this morning doing research on San Francisco and the Napa and Sonoma Valley wine country for a story I’m writing. It looks so inviting I was thinking I would go ahead and book the trip and then find someone to share it with. Only problem is I’m looking for companionship and not romance. How do you take a trip like that with someone and not get romantically involved?

So as I’m looking at the pricing and availability for resorts and spas in the area. (They’re all terribly expensive but if I don’t spend it soon I might not get the chance to enjoy it. Most of you guys know my situation.) There’s only 1 room left at the place that looked most appealing. Still weighing the decision, but with the cursor hoovering over “reserve”, I look out the dining room window and notice an agitated mocking bird under the bird feeder. On closer inspection I see he’s dancing around a big snake. A water moccasin! As much as I hated to, I ended up killing the snake – too many kids in the neighborhood.

So was the snake a sign from above or coincidence? What do you think?


3 thoughts on “A Sign from Above or Coincidence?

  1. don’t bite the apple!!!!!!

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  2. You DID kill the snake? Right?

    Now, to answer your question “A Sign From Above or a Coincidence?”.

    My friend, there are no coincidences in life because God is sovereign. How you view your seeing the snake at that precise moment is the issue. The snake WAS there and you were beckoned by the bird. What if the bird had not been there? Would you still have looked up from your computer screen at the moment of decisionmaking? When should you stop the “what ifs” in order to make a decision?

    By the way, what did you decide?


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